Berkshire Biological is a biological supply company that has been providing living organisms to school systems across America for 35 years. We offer a wide range of insects (including beneficial species) and other biological organisms that are sure to fit your needs. We are a service oriented biological supply company and take great pride in the quality of our organisms and of our customer service. We supply live insects and other organisms (guppies, chameleons, hermit crabs) to schools around the country where teachers use them to give students a look at phenomena like food chains and life cycles, as well as to those in need of beneficial insects.

We specialize in curriculum for Grades 1 – 12 and can customize any order to your needs. Looking for a science fair project for elementary science, life science, or biological science? You’re at the right place! Berkshire Biological has many interesting kits available to make your science fair project fun, informative, and educational. Just a few examples include:

Guppies – New Bigger, Better Guppies for 2012! We have new suppliers that can provide us with consistent quality, semi-fancy guppies.

Hermit Crab Kit – Excellent set for Science Fairs. All necessary supplies included for a home for your hermit crabs. Study anatomy: how do hermit crabs move about? Eat? Grow?

Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae – A colorful container for butterflies, butterfly feeding kit, and a culture of 5 caterpillars.

Live insects, of course! Depending on species, you can even buy your bugs by the pound. Buying bugs by the pound only makes sense. After all, who would even try to count out 5,000 bugs for someone one at a time?

Beneficial insects like lady beetles (they really like eating aphids) and damselfly (they eat mosquito larvae) are available too.

Popular Protozoans including Paramecium, Amoeba Proteus, and Blepharisma are also available in our Online Store.

Your purchase of biological supplies, live insects, larvae, science fair kits, and biology materials from Berkshire Biological is appreciated and to insure a good experience, be sure to check your package immediately upon arrival. Immediately care for the biological specimens following the procedure outlined here for your specific specimens (a copy of this information is enclosed with your shipment).

Berkshire Biological customers may call our trained staff with any questions or problems, for one on one instruction.